Monday, 9 May 2011

Blog title and URL..has been changed!

Assalamualaikum everyone! How are you feeling today? Hope everything went well. It has been a long week since I didn't updated any post in this blog.. Well..actually, I do write everyday..and the updated entries are mostly written in my primary blog which is BitterSweetLurveLife. Nothing much to say, just wanna let you guys know and alert that, this blog of mine already changed the blog title and the URL address too. Previously, it was name as "Beauregard Boone" - something nice and beautiful and now, it has a new identity..which is "DeaLurve..B'Lurve@ DeaLurveAnthology"..(^_^) .. Its a reflection of mine, bout something that I like to do, things that I love which is online shopping...kind of. That's why I put some of my favourite blogshop list and banner at the side bar. Hope you noticed that. (^_^) And some sort of interests and hobbies of mine. Well, I think that's it. Till then..have a nice day ahead.

new URL :

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