Thursday, 9 June 2011

Contact Lens

*credit to Google*
Last year..aku sgt suka pakai's like a MUST for me wearing it.. Utk apa? ..of courselahh nak bagi nampak cantik..gorgeous..dan yg penting bagi aku, it's like boosting my confidence in doing my job. Tampil lebih yakin di samping bergaya..itu harusss..coz I'm dealing with people..who needs attention, knowledge, and perhaps an experience..

Brand yg aku FreshLook. And, my faveret color is..grey and pure hazel. Uols?? Camana? Especially yg ladies tu..? Tipulah uols if tak suke pakai lens... Jom arr share uols nye brand. Later, leh gak aku try melaram..

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