Monday, 27 June 2011

Looking for the 500th Lucky Viewer...

Helloo..... Assalamualaikum my lovely readers!

Thanks to those who drop by and viewing this blog of mine. As an appreciation...I would like to announce y'all that I am looking for 500th lucky viewer!!..Therefore..please be ALERT ya! If you're the 500th lucky viewer, there are few things that you need to do as following:

1. Print Screen the ' Your Lucky No's corner ' on your right.

Just for an example; Print Screen

(camana nak Print Screen? - PRESS Ctrl + PrtSc, buka aplikasi Paint..pastu Paste & Save,then Upload)

2. Write an entry "I AM THE 500th VIEWER" in your blog.
3. Link your entry to my blog by leaving it in this entry comment box.
4. Wait for the approval. 
5. I will return to your blog for further information.

So.....all the best to the 'LUCKY 500th VIEWER"!

P/S...only ONE LUCKY VIEWER is needed..(^_^)


ciK LyndaWawa igUana said...

la..kmk viewer yang ke 501.cheh!

Anonymous said...

aaaallaaaaa...yang ke 505..
505 xde hadiah ke..

L@dyKichiMachiko said...

sayangnya siapalh viewer yg ke-500 tu ye? takpe sila tunggu entry utk seacrch viewer yg ke 1000 pulak..

Anonymous said...

ye la tungguin aja dong! hahaha

yusuf Laili said...

yg penting sekarang aku dah jadi followers ke 41...heheee!!

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